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Maximizing the Impact of Instructional Video Length (Rob Power)

A Pandemic Instructional Challenge: Cameras and Little Black Squares (Allyson McGrane)

Filling the Void: Online Community of Practices in Higher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Kendra Haines)

Project-Based e-Learning (Lexie Henry)

Inquiry-Based Learning for Primary Virtual Classroom (Lori Ann Feltham)

Guided Reading in Remote Teaching (Carrie MacNeil)

Connectivism Applied to English as an Additional Language Students (David MacLellan)

Pedagogical Considerations of Augmented and Virtual Reality: A Literature Review (Tammy Barry)

Using New Technologies to Provide Student Writers with High-Quality Multi-Modal Formative Feedback (Mark MacFayden)

Adding Accessibility to Student Feedback (Rob Power)

Finding the Right Tool is Not Enough: Addressing Copyright and Privacy Considerations (Rob Power)


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